Q: What are we working on?                  

A: Project Dossier can be found here, for more specific information please email us!


Q: Should I bring anything?RR-logo-FAQ

A: Laptop, sketch pad, ideas! We have a soldering station with a National Instruments VirtualBench and all kinds of workstations set up for A/V, but feel free to bring any extra equipment you might think handy.


Q: What time should I prioritize?

A: Orientation starts at 7pm on Friday September 2, our experts weigh in on projects and team leaders around 8pm. Saturday and Sunday schedules will greatly depend on the goals coming out of the Friday night brainstorm.


Q: How much programming do I need to know?

A: We’re going to have a wide range of skill and experience levels, everyone is welcome!


Q: Are children welcome?

A: Yes! There will be power tools and cables everywhere, so they’ll need adult escort. We have video games and a Lego Mindstorms set to play with!


Q: What about parking?

A: Hidalgo Street parking only. We have all-hour access. We’ll try to arrange for carpools.


Q: Can we stay overnight?

A: Yes, tents are welcome in Off Center Courtyard.


Q: Network?

A: Should be good ‘n wireless!


Q: Food?

A: Hell yeah. Keg of beer and endless coffee. Walking distance of Hi Hat, Los Comalaes, Gourmands, Short Stop, Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches and more.


Q: Bathrooms? Showers?

A: Yes! NO.