Our 501c3 status is confirmed effective Jan 15 2016!! Donations are fully deductible and can often be matched by your company, contact us if you’d like to learn more.


We want to thank you for your donation! Here’s how we do it:

Bronze ($5) … You join our page of supporters! (you can remain anonymous!)

Donor Level Bronze

Silver ($25 or more) … DVD or digital copy of Fusebox Festival Bot Party & Bot Party 2.0

Donor Level Silver

Gold ($50 or more) … Free admission to 2016-2017 Bot Party shows and hackathons

Donor Level Gold


Platinum ($100 or more) … All that plus a special sneak peek at Hackathon footage

Donor Level Platinum

ELF ($500 or more) … Get a holidays card from Annabelle the Robot.
Donor Level Platinum

Ubermarionettes ($1000 or more) … Super patrons can ask for a LIVE 1-hour APPEARANCE and performance by Annabelle the Robot at your prom, birthday, job interview or Bot Mitzvah. Subject to regional travel.TTT_Elektro002